For Anyone Who Wants To Make Their Dreams Come True … AND FINALLY MAKE THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WORK FOR YOU!
Discover The Simple 5 Second "Manifesting Hack" To Release the Blocks Holding You Back...So You Can FINALLY Create the Life Of Your Dreams. (And it isn’t what you think!) 

Join Carolyn Rim’s Spark your Rockstar Inner Circle

Mentored by Joseph McClendon III PhD and including some of the top healers in the world! 
Discover The Simple 5 Second "Manifesting Hack" To Release the Blocks Holding You Back...So You Can FINALLY Create the Life Of Your Dreams. (And it isn’t what you think!) 
Join Carolyn Rim’s Spark your Rockstar Inner Circle

Mentored by Joseph McClendon III PhD and including some of the top healers in the world! 
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Ever had these thoughts?...
“Who Are YOU To Think You’re Special? You’re A Joke… other people can
make their dreams come true not you...”
“You can’t help ANYONE - let alone help yourself...”

“You may as well just give up...”

There I was again, drowning in self-doubt…

...sinking in $50K debt, living in my sister’s basement after my husband had just left my 7 year old little girl and I. 

I had big dreams to change the world and help others make their own dreams come true but that would be hard if I didn’t make mine come true first. I had $36 dollars in the bank and a desire to become something more. 

But I was stuck on the sidelines, watching others take center stage on the life that I wanted.

And maybe you feel like that right now?

Like you’re paralyzed in inaction and can’t find your way out. I HAVE BEEN THERE! YOU ARE NOT ALONE … and I can help!
How I Went From Living In A Cube For 10 Years- To Creating 
A Million-Dollar Business With My Soulmate By My Side
It was not easy to create the business I have or manifest the perfect soulmate and life I wanted. 
I struggled. A LOT! That was until I figured out these 3 secrets that changed my entire world. 

As soon as I applied these 3 secrets…. I went from …
  • Broke 
  • Toxic marriage
  • Super unhappy with my job doing the same thing over and over and over again.   Think Groundhog Day on repeat.       
  • Hated myself and who I had become
  • Constant judgement for the world around me. 
To ….

  • ***Created and manifested a million dollar business
  • ***MANIFESTED MY SOULMATE who is one of the top healers in the world (I wrote that on my list lol Jason Ozuna… He proposed a week after I met him!)
  • ***CREATED AN INNER CIRCLE WITH 150 ROCKSTARS all over the world, led by me and Mentored by Joseph McClendon
It all started with a “spark”... do you have a spark within you to transform? To finally go for your dreams? Or maybe you just want more confidence and stop letting your mind make you its bitch? Maybe you can make your mind a humble servant to your soul?

Those voices within are not you. They are only parts of you. I can help you with these 3 manifesting hacks and my mastermind. 

We give the manifesting hacks over the phone and because they are so powerful … we do not open the opportunity and information for just anyone! 

You have to apply to get these tools so you can use them responsibly. I have traveled the world for the information we give to you and spent well over a million dollars getting the secrets from the top healers and successful people in the world. I wrote a check once for someone to spend 3 days with me for $125,000.00. It was worth every penny. 

Look… No matter where you are… or what is going on in your life… 
I promise I can help YOU heal your soul and create the life of your dreams.

One of my secret keys is mentorship.

Joseph McClendon's mentorship has radically changed my life. He travels the world with Tony Robbins speaking to millions of people. Imagine being on the Zoom call with Joseph and being able to connect with him and ask him your questions!? You become like who you surround yourself with! Literally you can become a MAGNET to your success and soul evolution. 

Joseph will help you turn around any situation, any behavior, any emotion, and radically shift how you be, do and get things in your life.
It is really groundbreaking and the techniques he is using has changed MILLIONS of peoples lives around the world!

Normally, to coach with someone like this it is hundreds of thousands of dollars but I’m making it possible and affordable in the inner circle for you! I wanted to make sure we had access to this rockstar!
But There’s A Catch: You Only Have A Few Seconds 
To Spark Your Rockstar...RIGHT NOW
You only have a few seconds to ACT on the spark that is swirling in your soul before you silence your inner rockstar once again. Before your mind starts to talk you out of it again.

Once you get in the habit of “Sparking Your Rockstar” again and again, your life transforms… the manifesting hacks I teach you are not like anything you have experienced before! PREPARE TO FACE ALL THAT YOU HAVE BEEN RUNNING FROM AND HEAL! When you heal…

I promise this will have a ripple effect on everyone you know and your entire lineage!

I practiced the habits and hacks consistently - and it landed me on center stage of my own SOLD OUT events around the world…

I have over flow of clients coming in all the time and I get to CHOOSE who I want to work with...
I became a best-selling author of my book, “Awakening the Heart”.
I manifested my soulmate Jason Ozuna - one of the top healers in the world…

...and I enjoy the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want, and with whomever I want!

But look, I know it’s easier said than done…

I know what it’s like to get tripped up by self-doubt and negative self-talk.

That’s why I created the Spark Your Rockstar Inner Circle and have Joseph McClendon III PhD mentoring us in the Spark Your Rockstar Inner Circle that brings 150+ rockstars souls together. We’re here all banding together to help YOU spark your rockstar.
  • Upgrade your thought processes and DROP the self-sabotaging beliefs holding you back.
  • HEAL… Finally accept and heal all parts of you that have been unconsciously running the show for years
  • FINALLY learn the secrets to manifesting what you really want!
  • Hold HIGH-FREQUENCY vibrations to effortlessly attract the right opportunities and people into your world!
  • Fearlessly carve your path with NO apologies
  • Live in total fulfillment and ABUNDANCE - all on your own terms!
  • Go from stuck - to MASSIVE freedom to show up fully as yourself!
  • Release STUCK energy with powerful guided meditations that reconnect you with the ROCKSTAR from within.
  • REWRITE your money story so you can claim the wealth that’s been yours all along
  • Find your soulmate and/or heal the relationship you are in now to create the most juicy passionate relationship ever!
  • ALWAYS CRAVED…. Or transform and up level the one you are in now! 
  • And much, much more!
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Carolyn Rim's Programs!
What’s Included?
  • 4 Live Video Zoom Calls Per Month 1 Per Week Monday 9pm EST, 1 hour lesson with Carolyn Rim & inner circle rockstars (Don’t worry if you can not make it live… It is recorded)
  • Access to a Private Membership site only for the SYR INNER CIRCLE Members 
  • Access to SECRET SYR Inner Circle Facebook group with (a POWERFUL positive peer group of 160+ rockstars from all over the world)
  • Accountability groups so you stay on track towards your BIG goals

    As if this wasn't enough already, I have included bonus teachers such as Joseph McClendon and Jason Ozuna to come in and rock your world!  This will help you create massive, permanent change in your life and help you go further, faster!  I always have the best teachers!  Joseph comes on once a month on Sunday and rocks our world!
You Were Destined To Join Us Inside The Spark
Your Rockstar Inner Circle If You Are...
  • EXCITED for change and committed to doing whatever it takes
  • Want to heal past patterns past down from your lineage
  • FINALLY Accept all parts of you and fall in love with yourself and your reality
  • A lifelong learner who adopts the “beginner’s mindset” at all times (HINT: 99% of people are stuck in the “I already knew that” mindset)
  • Fully accepting of your desire to get MORE out of life!
  • Ready to DROP THE BS holding you back from living the rockstar life you secretly want
  • Willing to admit that it’s time to try something new if you want different results 
  • 100% COMMITTED to showing up and investing in yourself
Look, there’s only ONE thing that separates the rockstars from everyone else.

Think it’s good looks?


Think you need to be born into wealth?


The ONLY thing holding you back from stepping into the life you want is acting on the SPARK.

So if you feel the SPARK to join us inside the inner circle, then you only have a few seconds to act before you mind tries to make you its bitch again! Make that mofo a humble servant to your soul and apply now! 

Click the button below to apply to join us so we can both see if it’s the right fit.
Even More Breakthroughs From 
Our Fearless Rockstars....
Unicorn, Rockstar, Life Coach, Best-selling Author. 

Carolyn Rim assures us we can be, do, and have, anything we want in this world. 

Her online courses, events, dares, books and meditation programs sell out within hours of her posting on her Facebook page where she has built a raving following of over 25,000 people in the Spark Your Rockstar Community and on her personal page. (But she would not call them followers or fans, she would call them family!) That is her secret. She falls head over heels in love with her clients so they can fall in love with themselves as well.   

You know as soon as she walks into the room, or jumps on live with thousands of people tuning in to watch, that it’s about to get real and raw. 
Her videos have been viewed by and touched millions of people around the world! She is an entrepreneur, a leader, a mom, a rockstar and the force behind Spark Your Rockstar. 

She is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after speakers, and coaches. Whether it’s for your business, relationships, or you just want unstoppable confidence in yourself, Carolyn Rim will help guide you to light the matches within, and ignite the sizzle in your soul. 

Get ready to be transformed. She uses meditation, visualizations, and NLP to guide you towards creating unstoppable, unshakeable confidence in yourself, the world and your dreams.