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Have you ever asked yourself…

Have you ever asked yourself…

“Is This Really All There Is?”

“Is This Really All There Is?”

One of the world’s most sought-after healers and coaches, shares her secrets on how she went from broke, divorced and miserable, to becoming a best selling author, 7-figure business owner, finding her soulmate and helping thousands of people around the world heal to manifest by awakening their heart (AND HOW YOU CAN, TOO!)
One of the world’s most sought-after healers and coaches, shares her secrets on how she went from broke, divorced and miserable, to becoming a best selling author, 7-figure business owner, finding her soulmate and helping thousands of people around the world heal to manifest by awakening their heart (AND HOW YOU CAN, TOO!)

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If You’ve Ever Had a Nagging Feeling Something’s Missing in Your Life...That It Will Never Be Enough...This is for You

  • Did you ever think at this point in your life you’d still feel like something is missing?
  • Does it feel like you’re waiting in line for your blessings while everyone around you is confident, thriving, and living the life supposed to live?
  • ​Do you BELIEVE there's something more, but you don't know what it is or how to get it?
The story I’m about to share with you is the one I wish I had when my life felt like treading water.

I needed hope. I needed to know there was more.

I needed to know that even though there was ZERO evidence in my reality that I could be, do, or have anything I wanted…

That it could happen for me anyway, if I dared to love myself enough to receive it.

With everything going on in the world right now, I wanted to give you a gift from my heart to yours. Today, I’ll show you how it can happen for you, too-- for FREE. Just cover shipping, and tell me where to send your book!

Now Is the Time to Wake Up to Who You Truly Are...

Awakening the Heart is my story of going from living Groundhog’s Day over and over on repeat, being in a toxic relationship, working a 9-5 job that I hated...among lots of other failures…

To taking a leap of faith and diving head first into the life I always knew I wanted...

And rocking it.
“Carolyn Rim’s energy within these stories will ignite a burning fire in your heart. This book will not only awaken your heart, it will possibly even help you dig up your own lost dreams.

Just a warning, reading this book could result in taking massive action in your own life.”

— Joseph McClendon III, Ph.D.
I went from having $36 in my bank account and not a hope left in the world to creating a thriving, successful business, finding my soulmate...

And working alongside some of the top transformational coaches and healers on the planet!

I had so much division within me. So many parts pulled me in so many different directions. Once I had the right tools to integrate all parts of me, my entire life changed.

I can do what I want, when I want, with whom I want. You smell that? That smells like freedom and it is available for you as well.

But I didn’t write this book to brag about my amazing life.

I wrote it for you to see yourself in my story and FINALLY FREAKING GO FOR IT (...whatever it is!). 

Here’s What People Are Saying About Awakening the Heart

This woman is the real deal. The compassion shoots...
This woman is the real deal. The compassion shoots right from her heart. I can not put this book down since I have received it. I have a renewed faith in loving 👍🏻
 - Meghan S.
Carolyn Rim's book will open your heart, and the energy within you.
Christopher (Million Dollar Baby Rockstar) writing a review to let readers know if your looking for one book that will make you look at your life differently, get your copy of Carolyn Rim's new book. Why? It will touch your heart. You will move beyond from staying within in your head, and back into your heart. Life as we all know it provides us with challenges, and you will know her journey. You will be able to answer why haven't you done something about it your fears, and take control. Carolyn Rim's book Awakening The Heart will help you pull yourself from a self-destructive person into your higher-self (heart). This book is a must have in your home & office library. Book you can share with someone you love ❤️❤️❤️ 
- Christopher R.
To know this women is to known love, humility & true gratitude
To know this women is to known love, humility & true gratitude. From the moment I started following her. I learned to see the world through my heart. Her energy will uplift you. Her words will inspire you and pierce your heart. This for sure be one of the best reads of your life. With much admiration & love. Norma from The Love Flow.
- Norma A.

Get Ready to Witness the Kind of Self Love That Moves Mountains...

My story is proof that an ounce of self love is more powerful than a lifetime of struggle.

Once I stopped listening to the lies my head was telling me and started listening to my heart and soul, my transformation was rapid.

The quiet desperation that had me in a chokehold for years finally let go and uncoiled.

I stopped filling the void with meaningless distractions, like food, alcohol, cigarettes, and bad relationships…
And finally made space for my dreams to find me.

To the naked eye, the odds were stacked against me.

My reality gave me no reason to believe that I would be where I am today…

Other than that little voice in my heart that told me I could.

That’s why I’m sharing this with you.

You probably already know the lessons that are waiting for you in this book.

You just need the push. The guidance. The proof that your heart will never steer you in the wrong direction.

But a few insights and practical advice along the way can’t hurt -- and that’s exactly what I’ll give you as you follow along my story.
In these pages, you’ll see what happens when you finally block out all the noise…

And get quiet enough to listen to the divine guidance that is always speaking to your heart.

Careful though… Many people who have read this book have gone onto writing their own books, finding the love of their life, and making their own dreams come true. This book will dig up long lost dreams within you.

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Here’s what to do next…

Like I mentioned before, this book is free. All I ask is that you help cover the printing and postage costs ($9.95).

And in case you’re wondering...

Why Am I Giving This Away For Free?

A free gift you didn’t “earn” is too good to be true, right?
That’s exactly the kind of thinking my story will help you let go of… 

A big, huge, absolutely necessary part of stepping into the life you deserve is learning how to receive it.

So what better way to teach you than to simply give you what you want without a catch?

You better get used to it, because that’s how the universe works, too!

(If you need to see it to believe it, you’re about to…)

All you have to do is say “Yes!” and I’ll take care of the rest.

More Love For Awakening the Heart...

She walks her talk and is just a ball of love and positive energy
I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Carolyn Rim at one of her events and she is the real deal. She walks her talk and is just a ball of love and positive energy. Not only should you read her book and use it - make sure to get involved with this rising star. You will thank me for it!  
 - Amazon Customer
 Carolyn Book awake a fire inside of me  🔥 
Carolyn Book awake a fire inside of me. Her story, her passion the decision that she made to change her life after a soul-inspiring seminar, it will inspire you to do the same.
 - Elisabeth J.

About Carolyn Rim

Unicorn, Rockstar, Best-Selling Author
Carolyn Rim is energy work personified. Where outsiders might see a coach, those who work with Carolyn Rim get that she’s much, much more.

She is a powerful energy healer with a passion for moving people through their deepest pains and into new possibilities. She has an intuitive ability to locate, isolate and move through the pain holding her clients back from the life of their dreams.

She’s worked and trained with top healers from all over the world, such as Joseph McClendon, John Amaral, Master Co, Donny Epstein, and of course…

Her husband, soulmate, and gifted healer, Jason Ozuna.

Carolyn Rim can see through the blindness and wounds that come up and see straight through to the soul. She helps you cut through all the BS limiting beliefs so you can finally create the life of your dreams.

She has helped thousands of people around the world create massive transformation in their life. From meeting soulmates, to manifesting and creating that dream business... whatever it is your seeking only come to this woman if you are ready for life changing results!

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Awakening the Heart Now!